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Daniel Ferguson "Trooper Thomas Andrews"


When did you join the 1st Dragoons?

November of 2003.  2004 was my first full season. 


What was the major factor in you joining?

The love for American and military history. Plus, the Dragoons are such an interesting and awesomely lethal and important unit in the American Revolution. How could I resist?


What do you do in real life?

I am a machinist, welder, fabricator, machine mechanic, woodworker, project manager and machine installer. Whew!


What is your favorite aspect of re-enacting the American Revolution?

The liberty of teaching the public about how things really happened in the American Revolution. 


What is your fondest memory from your time with the unit?

Everytime I am with them. But I especially love helping choreograph hand to hand battle scenes that would have happened during battle. 


What is a fun fact about yourself?

I love being with people and getting to know them. I love having fun doing whatever. The possibilities are endless!

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