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Regimental Mount "Bullet"


Name: Bullet


Stable Name: Bullet


Breed: Foundation stock Quarter horse.

Height: 13 3/4 Hands

Age: 15 years old as of 2015

Owner and Rider: Owner William L. Maddox / Rider Various.


History: Bullet came into Bills life when he was two years old and was green-broke. He was originally a stud on the farm where he lived. The next year he was trained as a cavalry mount and has been performing as such since. He has been as far west as the Little Bighorn Battlefield and as far east as Cedar Creek Virginia. Since 2010 He has taken on roles of trainer to inexperienced riders, Cavalry mount to various riders and at the 150th Gettysburg and Perryville as the mount for the General of the Cumberland Guard. He also performs as a cavalry mount and pack horse when needed in the time periods from the Revolutionary war to the Second World War.  His current residence is at Butternut Acres in Darien, Wisconsin.

Favorite Treat: Bullet enjoys carrots and an occasional apple although he prefers horse cookies. 

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