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Regimental Mount "General Grey Ghost"


Name: General Grey Ghost

Stable Name: Ghost

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Height: 16 Hands

Life: ? - Jun 2018 (estimated to have been 28 years old when he passed)

Owner and Rider: He was lovingly owned by the Hauck Family and primarily ridden by Shelby Hauck

History: Ghost had a bit of an unknown past. He was purchased by the manager of Hendricks Stables, Jen Lowe in 1st half of 2015, he was in rough shape, thin, with little muscle tone. After a few visits by the local vet, horse chiropractor and farrier it was agreed he shows signs of surviving a rollover trailer accident in his earlier life. As a result he has several fussed ribs, a slight hip dislocation that they corrected and has held, and showed some symptoms of having his esophagus crushed. She took him in and began the process of getting him healthy again. About mid-summer of 2015 Shelby meet Ghost at the stables and the two began their journey together. Over the next few months Shelby started working with Ghost and Jen to desensitize him to gun fire for 1870's mounted shooting, and seeing if he was meant for life as a Dragoon mount. Shelby would take him through several challenging clinics including Bill Rickey's 20 hour Mounted Police Training. Ghost did very well and beat every expectation along the way. His loyalty to his rider is unquestionable and the two have become a wonderful team. In December of 2015 Shelby and his family officially adopted Ghost, giving him his forever home with them and their family.


Ghost passed away in June of 2018. He was diagnosed with a condition that was slowing and stopping his ability to maintain control of his hind end. At his time of passing he was surrounded by his family and those that loved him. He will be forever know as one of our first horses within the unit, and a standard all others will be compared to.

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