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Regimental Mount "Molly Girl"


Name: Molly Girl

Stable Name: Molly

Breed: Foundation stock Quarter horse.

Height: 14 Hands

Age: 13 years old as of 2015

Owner and Rider:  Owner and rider is William L. Maddox


History: Molly was a foul on the same farm that Bullet was a stud on. She has been on the same farm with him her entire life. She waited until she was 4 years old to be saddle broke and that year began her training to be a cavalry mount. She was saddle broke by Bill but most of her first three years of riding training were done by Traci Smith a trooper with the 9th Virginia. In 2010 she started to branch out of American Civil War and started to do other time periods, eventually becoming Bill's main mount. She is a cavalry mount in time periods from the American Revolution to World War Two. She has taken part in most of the 150th Civil War events as both a cavalry mount and on staff for infantry command. She performs as both a cavalry mount and occasionally as a pack horse and makes her residence currently at Butternut Acres in Darien Wisconsin.

Favorite Treat: Molly loves carrots and an occasional apple. Her favorite is horse cookies, or to be allowed to graze in a field of alfalfa.

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