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Joining The Dragoons!


We are a group of people who all share a common interest and respect for the beginnings of early America and the 18th century. We hold a variety of real world jobs.  As weekend warriors, we are responsible for our training, and the gathering and upkeep of uniform and gear. We travel many places doing talks, events, and the like, presenting a small glimpse of what life was like for the dragoon soldiers and their families during the era.  


If you or your family are interested in joining the 1st Dragoons, we would love to host you at a NWTA event as our guest.  As a guest of our unit, we will provide you with a tent, clothes, and a weapon to borrow for the weekend so that you can fully experience our hobby and get to know the members of our unit.  If after attending an event as a guest of our unit, you feel that you have found a home with us, you are welcome to apply for membership. 


"Living History” is definitely a family oriented hobby. Spouses, children and significant others are encouraged to take part by representing their 18th century counterparts. When possible, we try to field new members immediately. The best way to experience the life of re-enacting is to do it! Whether your interest is participating in battle demonstrations, period arts and crafts, or being part of a family of friends... the 1st Dragoons have a place for you, and we'd love to see you at one of our events.  So come on out and experience life during the American Revolution with us! 


To set up a visit with us, please contact our Recruiting Officer Blake Morales to have any questions answered and receive a membership packet.


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