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Mark Wedow "Trooper Joesph Bend"


When did you join the 1st Dragoons?

I am one of the founding members of the 1st Dragoons but I originally joined the 2nd Dragoons in 1994.


What was the major factor in you joining?

I attended an event with my children in 1993 and was so taken aback by the presentation of this immersing and educational hobby that I joined the NWTA in 1994. This experience is as close to going back in time as you are going to get.


What do you do in real life?

I am a Project Civil Engineer in Wheaton, Illinois and I run an annual roadway improvement program.


What is your favorite aspect of re-enacting the American Revolution?

I enjoy learning about and teaching all aspects of the life and times that were the founding days of this country.


What is your fondest memory from your time with the unit?

As much as I love the NWTA events, my fondest memories are of joint events out east. Exciting trips to Williamsburg dressed in period clothing and huge battles in Quebec, Canada, Saratoga, New York and Monmouth, New Jersey with thousands of fellow re-enactors.


What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have been a professional Santa Claus for over thirty years... If that isn't fun I don't know what is.

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